Welcome to the Singapore Perl Mongers!

We were a group of people in Singapore interested in the Perl programming language. We met up once a month or so to talk about Perl, software engineering, testing or anything else that struck our fancy. If you write Perl, for work or play, at school or after dark, please join us to talk, discuss, dissect, improve and spread Perl.

What is Perl?

An appropriate XKCD comic

First published in 1987, Perl is a popular, multiparadigm, dynamic, interpreted programming language. It supports object-oriented and procedural programming, along with aspects of functional programming. The Perl interpreter source code is freely available under any version of the GPL (from version 1.0 onwards) or Perl's own Artistic License, making it completely free and open source.

Perl's greatest asset - apart from a friendly and helpful community, and the ability to use the most appropriate programming paradigm for the job - is the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN), a catalogue of over 121,000+ Perl modules across 27,000+ distributions ("packages"), all freely distributable, most available under the GPL or Artistic license.

Next meetup

A photograph from a Singapore Perl Mongers meetup

We haven't met since 2008, and — since I (Gaurav Vaidya) moved out of Singapore in 2011 — if there are any future meetings, they won't be organized by me. But! If you feel like organizing your own meetup, it's dead easy: check out our previous meeting details. Hackerspace.sg is usually very nice about providing space for open source meetups (especially if you are a member, hint, hint), so check with them if you're interested.